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5 things you should know before eating durian

Durian is a high-calorie fruit. 4-6 durians contain 400 calories, equivalent to 2 cans of soda or a full plate of rice. So be careful not to gain weight if you eat too much food. Also has a very high sugar content. Therefore, diabetics should avoid it

Bubble milk tea, drink a lot, not digesting?

The tapioca pearls in various Bubble milk tea are made from mashed tapioca flour mixed with brown sugar syrup, flavored with color, and molded into beads before being boiled again (imagine making bua loy pearls). Therefore, it is a food that is not difficult to

The dangers of trans fat.

Eating foods that contain a lot of trans fat or for a long time may increase the risk of harm to the body as follows: These diseases are dangerous and if the symptoms are severe, they can affect your life within a few minutes if

Causes of insomnia.

In addition to the cause of insomnia, the duration of insomnia is also important for further evaluation and treatment health. Causes Due to Medical and Physical Conditions. Some diseases are the cause of insomnia, such as:UFABET  Adjustment Sleep Disorder is caused by recent triggers. Such

What causes lactose intolerance?

What causes lactose intolerance? Our body has the enzyme lactase produced in the small intestine. It breaks down lactose. Which is found in many dairy products, into smaller sizes and is absorbed to use as energy in the body. But the body of a person with lactose intolerance cannot completely