Victor Lindelof has commented on Cristiano’s return to Old Trafford

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Sweden and Manchester United captain Victor Lindelof has commented on Cristiano’s return to Old Trafford. Ronaldo said that in addition to boosting sales of jerseys until the market was in short supply. It also excites everyone in the locker room. Because they all grew up during the glorious Portuguese star.

‘CR7’ left United to face the world for 12 years until returning this summer.  That was warmly welcomed by all parties Along with the expectation of the juniors that. It will be the last piece of the puzzle to complete the championship position.

“Of course you can feel it clearly, the atmosphere in the team is very good. Everyone is waiting to welcome you to the strength.” Opening your mouth with ‘Football Direct’

“It must be fun. And I think you need to release a lot of good stuff.”  

“Personally, I think that the strength is already good as a capital.  Then feel better We have a positive atmosphere within the team. The English Premier League, however, is a stone problem. But will do whatever it takes to reach the championship, that’s the goal.” 

Cristiano has yet to enter the team, and Edison Cavani has shown his generosity to gift the No.7 shirt as a gift. Until the atmosphere at the Aon Training Complex is pink.