Ten Sevilla players survived 1-1 against Salzburg

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Ten Sevilla players survived 1-1 against Salzburg. Sevilla, with 10 men left at the start of the second half Still survived Salzburg 1-1 at home.

Football Uefa Champions League Group G

Sevilla (Spain) 1

Salzburg (Austria) 1

Stadium: Ramos Sanchez Pizjuan

Started the game for 6 minutes, the locals had a chance to win first when Jesus Navas opened for Youssef N-Nesiri to charge in front of the door. But the ball hit the square badly, so it didn’t match the frame.

In the 13th minute, Salzburg came to get a penalty when Diego Carlos fouled Karim Adejemi, the referee had a Czech VAR, but Adeyemi, who was responsible for killing. I returned to shoot out of the frame disappointingly.

But in the 21st minute, the visiting team took another penalty when Jesus Navas fouled Adejemi, this time changing the shooter to Luca Zusic, who was killed without fail for Salzb. Warg led 1-0.

Ten Sevilla survived 1-1 against Salzburg

However, in the 42nd minute Sevilla got a penalty back when Wober fouled N-Nesiri. The referee watched VAR next to the field. Before pointing as a foul and Ivan Rakitic shot in, did not miss the score was 1-1 and the first half ended.

Into the second half, Sevilla had to come down to 10 men when Youssef N-Nesiri crashed, but the referee caught up. Therefore, the second yellow card was given as a red card to be dismissed.

Then, the more powerful Salburg attacked hard, Nicolas Sewald opened the penalty area for Erasmus Christensen to fill in a header, but did not pass by Yassin Bunu.

In the 61st minute, the visiting team had another chance when Karim Adeyemi fired from the right in the box. But still have the same Bunu safe

Salzburg had another chance in the 76th minute, Luka Zusic paid for Umar Solet to fill in a long shot from the right. But it didn’t pass by Bunu.

Sevilla had a garden as well. 80th minute Marcos Agunha added to the left before crossing for Eric Lamela to head but was out of the box.

rest period Both teams couldn’t do more and the game ended 1-1.

List of players for both teams

Sevilla: Yassin Bunu; Jesus Navas, Jules Kunde, Diego Carlos, Marcos Acuña; Joan Jordan, Fernando, E. Van Rakitic – Suso, Youssef N Nesiri, Alejandro Gomez

Salzburg: Philippe Kohn – Erasmus Christensen, Umar Sollet, Maximilian Wober, Andreas Ulme. R – Brenden Aronson, Luka Zusic, Mohamed Kamara – Nicolas Sewald – Benjamin Zesco, Karim Adeyemi

Referee: Alexei Kulbakov (Belarus)