Real Madrid beats Celta 2-0.

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Real Madrid kept their La Liga title hopes alive by chasing Barcelona down to eight points with a 2-0 win over Celta Vigo on Saturday.

Real Madrid, who have just qualified for the UEFA Champions League semi-finals are back in the league. With main stars Karim Benzema and Vinicius Junior leading the attack Celta Vigo. There is Iago Aspas as hope up front.

The King’s army had a chance to win in the 20th minute from the corner that Marco Asensio opened for Orelian Chuamani to make a header in the penalty area. but not framed UFABET

In the 28th minute, Madrid had another chance from a free kick that the same Marco Asensio threw to Karim Benzema, but still could not force the ball into the frame. 

The king had a chance from a corner kick that ended with two more shots, both Huameni and Antonio Rudiger, but still not on target. 

Real Madrid took the lead 1-0 until in the 42nd minute, Vinicius got the ball on the left before slapping it back in front of the goal. Marco Asensio ran to the penalty spot and sent the ball into the net. wonderfully

The second half started 3 minutes.

Real Madrid escaped 2-0 until from the right corner kick that Marco Asensio threw into the meeting point for Eder Militao to hit the head and send the ball into the net. satisfied 

In the 77th minute, Celta should be able to break the egg. Oscar Rodriguez passes the ball from the middle of the field for Iago Aspas to slip into the penalty area before swaying Thibaut Courtois one stroke and shooting. Narrow angle, but Courtois can make excuses to follow and block again. 

In the final ten minutes, the hosts sent Luka Modric and Rodrigo OS on for Daniel Ceballos and Vinicius. But the rest of the time there were no more goals. 

Then at the end of the game. Real Madrid opened the nest to beat Celta Vigo 2-0. Maintaining a small hope. To win the championship by following Barcelona 8 points