Ramsdale reveals the toughest rival Vardy will face.

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Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale has named Leicester striker Jamie Vardy the toughest opponent of his career.

The Gunners goalkeeper has been active in the Premier League with three clubs and has faced world-class players in 97 top-flight appearances.

However, when asked who he hated facing the most. He has overlooked Premier League superstars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Harry Kane and Mohamed Salah.

He revealed that the man was Leicester’s Vardy and claimed that the commitment And his work makes the veteran shooting star a very difficult UFABET person to face.

“The person I hate the most to face is Jamie Vardy,” Ramsdale said.

“The man never stopped running. I would love to have him on my team. I hate having to face him.”

“I’ve faced him five times, he’s scored four times.”

Aaron Ramsdale to show off his skills and let out a lot of stuff. Being chose as one of the strengths of The England national team. The runners-up for Euro 2020 did not look at anyone’s eyes much. Many people may think that this Aaron Ramsdale is just an ordinary outside door master. But in fact his skill is quite extraordinary just past profiles. Come on, it might look wrong at the wrong time. Wherever the team is there is a destiny to be relegated. Moving to Arsenal this time, the fans I really hoped that this mystery would not happen at all.