Ramsdale believes will get the chance from Mikel Arteta

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New Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale believes he will get the chance from Mikel Arteta to make his debut against Norwich this weekend.

According to The Sun, Ramsdale believes the opportunity to feature in his first game will come quickly in Saturday’s Premier League clash with Norwich City. After Bernd Leno’s five goals in the game. That defeated by Manchester City last weekend Should Ramsdale feature in the starting XI. The former team Sheffield United will benefit from the increased fee. 

As part of the bonus conditions The 23-year-old goalkeeper’s initial fee is £24m but could be increased accordingly until the end of the £30m. For Leno’s future is uncertain. Because the remaining contract is until 2023. While the Germany goalkeeper has no intention of extending a new contract with Arsenal. The price will drop drastically until next summer, when the contract enters the year. last Amid interest from Inter Milan