Mourinho felt very good to win his 1,000th match

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Mourinho felt very good to win his 1,000th match. Roma coach Jose Mourinho admits he’s been lying to himself all week. Despite the fact that it felt very good to win his 1,000th match in charge of the team.

Wolves of Rome, well, Sassuolo went 2-1 in a fun Serie A match late on Sunday. The winning goal in the second minute from Stefan El Shaarawi

This past match was special in that it was Jose Mourinho’s 1,000th professional football game in charge of the manager who has just moved to Roma this season. After the game, the Portuguese coach admitted that it was a wonderful feeling.

“I’ve been fooling myself all week, telling everyone this is not a special game. I try to convince myself that it’s not a special game. But it’s a special game. According to ufabet

“It’s a very special numbered game for me. Which I will remember until the last day of my life that this is my 1000th game. I am very afraid that if this game loses it will be a bad memory for eternity.

“It’s an unbelievable feeling, it could be 6-6, 7-7, Sassuolo could have won 2-1, Rui Patricio defended two incredible defenses. We missed the first goal twice. It’s a very special game.

Watch Mourinho celebrate a winning run in his 1,000th game

Italian League 21-22

Game board

Cycle 3 – 11/09/2021

  • Ampoli
  • 2 – 1
  • Venice
  • Naples
  • 1 – 2
  • Juventus
  • Atlanta
  • 2 – 1
  • Fiorentina
  • Sampdoria
  • 2 – 2
  • Inter
  • Cagliari
  • 3 – 2
  • Genoa
  • Specia
  • 1 – 0
  • Udinese
  • Turin
  • 0 – 4
  • Slernitna
  • Milan
  • 0 – 2
  • Lazio
  • Rome
  • 1 – 2
  • Sesotho
  • Bologna
  • Monday, 13/09, 21:45
  • Verona

Mourinho felt very good to win his 1,000th match

Every Porto fan remembers 2004 well Jose Mourinho Brought the Champions League to a club from Portugal. He has since cracked a tremendous career, calling himself “the special”, but about two months before that big moment in the final against Monaco, he ousted the great Manchester United and in one of his iconic moments, cracked a huge run on the lines at Old Trafford to celebrate with Porto fans the journey Their spectacular which as mentioned ended with the coveted trophy.

Last night (Sunday) Mourinho, about 17 years later, had already completed his 1,000th game as a coach. It happened when his Roma beat Sesotho 1: 2 and climbed to the top of Serie A with a tie with AC Milan and Napoli. These three won all three opening rounds, but for the special team a better goal difference. The game against Sesotho was excellent and plenty of situations, when Roma could easily have also lost, but in the 92nd minute Stefan Al Sharawi managed to prevail with a remarkably accurate kick to the crossbar and in and Mourinho? He ran, like back then at Old Trafford.

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“I felt like a 12-year-old boy,” he later told Italian media. “I was very excited that this was my 1,000th game. I’ve been lying to everyone for a few days now, telling them I really do not care that this is the 1,000th game.

The truth is I was afraid to lose so I said it was not interesting, even to my players. I lied. It was a very important game for me and we won it with very great luck. When the ball came in, I just wanted to celebrate like a child and not like a 58-year-old. ”

Mourinho now has 639 wins in 1,000 games and throughout his career has won 25 titles.

The move to Rome acquired by American billionaire Dan Friedkin was undoubtedly one of the most surprising last summer. But the Gallurosi look at the table at the end of the first three rounds and see the champions, Inter, with two points less and Juventus with 8 points less. So it looks like this season In Serie A – anything is possible.

“After that, I apologize to Dionisi (Coach Sassuolo) because it was a wonderful game. They should be able to win easily. the same way we do I can’t forget the feeling Dionisi has now. because I’ve felt it many times He’s a great coach. Has a great team and gives his team a real identity.

“This is a very good team. I knew from the first day I started studying them. So these three points are really important.”