Mane’s victory led the Swans to overtake Villa 2-1 points towards the boat.

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Liverpool leveled up against Manchester City once again with a 2-1 win over Aston Villa thanks to Sadio Mane’s victory.

Aston Villa host Philippe Coutinho is back in the starting XI against former clubs. While Liverpool rest Mohamed Salah as a substitute with Luis Diaz and Sadio as a substitute. Mane and Diogo Jota.

Starting the game for only 3 minutes. Villa took the lead 1-0 from Lucas Digne’s left-hand opener to Douglas Luize. Who headed the first stroke to save Alisson before repeatedly following. don’t miss it

But Liverpool quickly equalized 1-1 in the sixth minute as the Villa defensive line cleared Trent Alexander-Arnold’s free-kick, without missing out on Diogo Jota nudged Virgil van Dai. Kg slammed into the door again, Joel Matip charged in the 6-yard box into the goal.

In the 18th minute, the Reds had a chance to overtake the lead when Luis Diaz fired the first shot to save. Consequently, Sadio Mane paid Diogo Jota a left-hand shot in the left-hand box. but not in the frame 

Half an hour later, Fabinho had an injury problem and couldn’t continue playing, and Jordan Henderson had to go on the field instead. 

Three minutes later.

Villa had a chance when Lucas Digne passed the ball for Philippe Coutinho to set up a shot from far in front of the penalty area. But the ball fell behind the target. Then the first half ends 1-1.

In the second half of the 65th minute. It was Liverpool who overtaken the lead 2-1 when Luis Diaz got the ball on the left side before rocking the rhythm for Sadio Mane to change the way, sending the ball into the beautiful far post.

Four minutes later, Ollie Watkins sent the ball in for Danny Ings, who shot right in the box but Alisson came out quick and blocked the ball well. 

Into the last 18 minutes, the Reds took off Luis Diaz and sent Mo Salah instead. While Villa gave Coutinho to rest and had Emiliano Buendia playing instead.

76 minutes Liverpool got a chance to win from a corner kick that Costa Simicas opened for Joel Matip to hit. But the ball was not far away from Emiliano Martinez. Who accepted the envelope comfortably.

The rest of the time, Liverpool kept the score, leading to the end of the game. Overtaking Aston Villa 2-1, adding to 86 points, reaching Man City again. But the goal was – lost as a secondary. So it’s just the vice-sergeant. Mane’s victory.