Chelsea Ready to sign a permanent contract with Joao Felix.

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Spanish newspaper Relebo reports that. Chelsea chairman Todd Bohly Ready to sign a permanent contract with Joao Felix this summer. But it is likely that some players will be sent to Atletico Madrid to reduce the price.

“Sing the Blues” paid 16 million pounds as a loan during the past January market. In the beginning, he made an impressive debut. But since Frank Lampard took over temporarily. Felix doesn’t seem to like him very much and has only played as a substitute in the last two games.

Previously, there were reports from the English side that Chelsea would not make an offer to buy Joao Felix. After unsatisfactory results in the past forced the player to return to the agency at the end of this season UFABET

However, Spanish media say Bohli is willing to buy Felix outright in the summer. It just won’t pay the full £70.5m and will send some players as one of the offers to reduce the price.

Meanwhile, Atletico Madrid president Enrique Cerezo has insisted. That he is ready to welcome the Portugal international back to the club if Chelsea ultimately don’t want to buy him.

Felix says Chelsea is one of the great teams in the world. And I hope to help the team achieve their goals. So I’m very happy to be here. And very excited to play at Stamford Bridge