Chelsea drew 2-2 at home to Liverpool.

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Pep Guardiola must have been smiling comfortably as Chelsea drew 2-2 at home to Liverpool on a point-by-point basis. Giving Manchester City football team a double-digit lead at the top of the table.

English Premier League Football

Chelsea 2 – Liverpool 2

Stadium: Stamford Bridge

Starting the game for 7 minutes. Chelsea almost dropped an orange. When Trent Alexander-Arnold the extraction miss to compress the local players. Becoming a bounce into the way. Christian Pulisic had slipped solo trying to tap to avoid Queen Kelleher. But the goalkeeper did not lose the block. Before the Reds players will be clear away.

Arrived in the 9th minute. UFABET Becoming Liverpool leading from the orange drop. Trevor Chalobah tackled the extraction missed it. Causing Sadio Mane to snatch the ball off a single touch to avoid Eduard Mendy and hit with the left net.

In the 19th minute, Chelsea had a chance to win back Mason Mount Cross into the penalty area on the left for Marcos Alonso to put a foot volley without holding. but not in the frame

The Reds escaped 2-0 in the 26th minute, when Trent scooped the ball into the right-hand penalty area for Mo Salah to escape Alonso before dragging the shot with a narrow left corner through Mendy to go into the goal.

In the 42nd minute, Chelsea hit the egg, chasing 1-2 from the left free kick, the ball was knocked out by Kelleher in front of the penalty area. Mateo Kovacic volley parked on the right without plugging in the triangle. beautiful top

Not only that.

45+1 minutes, the Blues equalized 2-2 from the wrong position of the away defense, N’Golo Kante pushed Christian Pulisic into the penalty area with the left. Shot with the left foot into the corner on the far post.

In the second half, Liverpool almost led again. Jota dunked for Salah to squeeze with Chalobah and shot the chicken far away. But Mendy still retreated and flew narrowly before the ball was inserted under the crossbar.

In the 58th minute, the Reds had another chance, Salah flowed the ball for Mane to snatch it to the right from 18 yards, but Mendy was able to save again.

In the 62nd minute, Chelsea had a golden opportunity as well, Alonso opened from the left for Christian Pulisic to fire, but the ball was not far from Kelleher.

Rest period The two teams played mostly with caution and the game ended 2-2.